Save the bay Tris Klissies

Ios, Greece

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This is a worldwide appeal to save one of the most beautiful and magical bays of the Aegean Sea, Tris Klissies, located right at its heart.

The Greek Government has allocated a grant of € 6.996.500,00 to the Company “Ios Marina SA”, owned and headed by Angelos Michalopoulos, a Greek businessman, in order to study the creation of a marina for 175 yachts to be built in the bay on public land. In fact, the coastline belongs to the Greek State for a broadness of 20 meters, I. E. from the sea towards the land. This means the total and permanent destruction of the bay with the construction, on the rocks, of a wharf. (See annex 1).

In order to achieve this goal, Mr Michalopoulos acquired in 2007 from Mr Fraguli Bouzalakos, through the Company “Sharivan Limited”, a plot of land of 248.000 square meters, which includes the peninsula called Louka and reaches the next bay called Papas, on which Mr Michalopoulos is at present completing the resort “Calilo”. In fact this plot of land does not splay for 248.000 square meters, but it exceeds 1.100.000 square meters, as it is shown in the enclosed copy of the original contract and the topographic map. This is a fraud which has been already denounced to the public authorities. The reason of this falsity in public act derives from the fact that in Greece it was not possible – at the time of signing of the contract- to buy a plot of land exceeding 250.000 square meters without a prior permission from the Government. This permission could not be granted because the original title of possession of the land owned by Mr Fraguli Bouzalakos amounted to 50.000 square meters. This matter is at present under investigation at the Court of Naxos. (See annex 2).

Moreover, in order to complete the acquisition of the necessary land to build the marina, Mr Michalopoulos proceeded in the purchase of 50% of the land—18,000 square meters—belonging to the white house that you can see in the photo above. Being co-owned by four different titleholders, Mr Michalopoulos failed to get full control of the property, and started a court case against the two owners – who firmly decided to resist him – and forced through the trial which in the space of a few years will lead to the public auction of the land and the house.